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Who is Xero? DC Character Explained As 50 Cent Set To Develop Live-Action Movie Based On Christopher Priest Comics

According to Deadline, 50 Cent’s production house, G-Unit Film & Television, is set to develop DC Comics’ Xerø into a live-action movie in partnership with Color Farm Media. The film is said to be based on the limited series comic by Christopher Priest and ChrisCross under DC.

The adaptation will be executive produced by 50 Cent, Illuminous’ production banner, Erika Alexander and Ben Arnon of Color Farm Media. The latter has already been involved with DC owner WarnerMedia to develop three television projects.

According to Deadline, Detective Comics or their parent organization WarnerMedia will not be associated with this project as Christopher Priest currently owns the rights to the comic. In 2008, the rights would have returned to the creator, ie Priest.

What do we know about Coltrane Walker from Xerø comics?

Coltrane Walker in the comics (Image via Christopher Priest/DC)
Coltrane Walker in the comics (Image via Christopher Priest/DC)

The film will be based on the comic, which in turn is based on Xerø, a government agent named Coltrane Walker. This character debuted in its titular series in a 12-issue comic from May 1997 to April 1998.

According to the original comics, Coltrane Walker was actually Trane Walker, an African-American athlete residing in National City. His alter-ego Coltrane disguised himself as a Caucasian man during his secret missions.

In the comics, Coltrane was killed on his very first mission, after which he was revived by X-enzyme. While the experimentation gave him some abilities, it took away Coltrane’s emotional abilities, making him a cold and calculating assassin.

His powers include intangibility, which allows him to pass through solid objects or walk on water. Walker’s bio-organic and mechanical implants give him abilities like laser eyes.

The film adaptation of Xerø

🚨A DC está desenvolvendo uma nova franquia de films do personagem Xero. 50 Cent and Jackson’s G-Unit Film & Television visited France. Via: @deadline

50 Cent’s statement to Deadline showed that the planned movie franchise may change some of the character’s origin story and powers. The rapper-turned-actor-director told the publication:

“Watch how we’re turning Xerø into a franchise alongside Christopher and Color Farm Media. I can’t wait for the world to meet Trane Walker in a whole new way.”

Meanwhile, Illuminous CEO Joseph Illidge teased:

“Xerø is the perfect action hero for our time in a story that is equal parts James Bond and James Baldwin.”

Illidge also hinted that the franchise would be a thriller, which could hint at a socio-political thriller genre, given the character’s comic book origin. The film will likely include social commentary on racial contrast in the United States.

Previously, 50 Cent was also associated with Anthony Piper’s comic book series, trill league, which also included African-American superheroes. The rapper is said to have developed the project as an animated series with Quibi. However, the series remains in limbo now, these last closing operations.

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