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Kingdom Hearts 3 Mod Turns Secret Boss Into Playable Character

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret boss Yozora is now fully playable in Ashura1756’s mod. The mod features Yozora’s custom moves in her boss fight.

The Nachtflugel project is a kingdom hearts 3 mod that turns the secret boss, Yozora, into a fully playable character. Yozora first appeared in kingdom hearts 3 during the game toy story world, Toy Box, where Rex confuses Sora with a character named Yozora in his favorite video game, Verum Rex. A trailer for Verum Rex plays when Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at Toy Box for the first time. In the Kingdom Hearts 3 Reminder DLC, Yozora is revealed to be a super boss at the end of the secret DLC episode. In one of the toughest fights in the series, players face an onslaught of Gigas mechs, Yozora duplicates, and lasers (blockable or not). He can even steal Sora’s Keyblade and items to heal and revive himself.


the kingdom hearts 3 The mod scene has been thriving since the game launched on PC last spring. Over 1,000 kingdom hearts 3 mods were uploaded to the NexusMods site, modifying the game in major and minor ways. Modders have done things like give Sora a partner Pikachu Pokemon and restoring the Olympus Coliseum from previous games, among other things.

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Version 1.0 of the Nachtflugel project was recently uploaded to the kingdom hearts 3 Nexus Mods site by user Ashura1756. This Yozora mod not only replaces Sora’s character model, but also contains custom moves. Yozora’s combos and special moves featured in kingdom hearts 3Sora’s Secret Episode replaced many of Sora’s core abilities, and smaller details such as the title and game screens were also changed. Ashura1756’s post indicates that the mod is still in progress, as it is planned to be a long-term project with additional future updates.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Yozora Combat

Ashura1756 thanks and thanks fellow modders for the mods Project Nachtflugel was built on. It is recommended to pair the Yozora mod with the Kingdom Hearts Loader mod to prevent crashes as well as improved movement mod as Yozora’s running animation is faster than Sora’s normal running speed. Accompanied by the description on the site, several photos of Yozora in action and a video of Yozora in the Toy Box mech mini-game Verum Rex: the best of lead.

The Nachflugel project is one of the kingdom hearts 3The most extensive mods due to its scope and the amount of changes it brings to the base game. Yozora is one of the toughest bosses in the series, if not the toughest, and lobbing enemies with his combos and high damage spells seems like the perfect reward for fans who have been killed countless times in the game. secret episode of the game. Yozora will be a key player in the Kingdom Hearts The series enters its second phase as Sora is trapped in the Shibuya-like city of Quadratum. Fans can hope to hear more Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary news Kingdom Hearts event that takes place in April.

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kingdom hearts 3 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Ashura1756/Nexus Modules

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