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The Real Reason These DreamWorks Animated Movies Got Bombed

Sinbad is an important film in the history of DreamWorks Animation. For one, it was the studio’s latest foray into hand-drawn animation. It’s no surprise that DreamWorks dropped the format, given that Sinbad wasn’t just a box office underperformer. Sinbad was a real financial debacle. by Sinbad The box office race kicked off with a […]

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Pretend to be Pixar in 3D Movie Maker, Microsoft’s bizarre children’s animation studio from 1995

Characteristics This article first appeared in issue 354 of PC Gamer magazine in March 2021. Each month, we feature exclusive features exploring the world of PC gaming, from behind-the-scenes insights to incredible community stories, to fascinating interviews, and more. In the mid-90s, I spent long afternoons animating car crashes and alien abductions in 3D Movie […]